Bignor Roman villa

Recently, I visited the Roman villa at Bignor, near Chichester, Sussex, England. This Roman villa is well-known for its extremely well-preserved mosaics. It was discovered in 1811, when one George Tupper’s plough struck a large stone – which turned out to be the fountain or water basin in one of the dining rooms. Indeed, the Tupper family retains ownership of the Roman villa even today. Subsequent to the discovery of the villa, the excavation was organised by local resident John Hawkins and supervised by antiquary Samuel Lysons.

The photographs I took (attached below) focused on the mosaics of Bignor.

The Ganymede mosaic

This room contains the Ganymede mosaic, and also the water basin which George Tupper’s plough struck.

The North Corridor mosaic

Dolphin mosaic, with the artist’s “signature” visible at the very bottom of the photograph.

The Medusa mosaic.


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