Blog Index

Classical poetry translation:
Catullus 3
Catullus 70
Catullus 72
Horace Ode 1.11
Horace Ode 1.13
Ovid Fasti 295-310
Theognis 425-428

Classics theatre reviews:
Caroline Bird’s The Trojan Women (after Euripides)
Mike Bartlett’s Medea (after Euripides)

Classics book reviews:
Plato: Letters to my Son (Dr Neel Burton)

Classics tourism:
Taormina (Sicily)
Segesta (Sicily)
Bignor Roman Villa (Sussex, UK)
Silchester (Hampshire, UK)
British Museum 1

Other Classical musings:
Govi, Govisti, Govit: English-to-Latin translation in the GCSE curriculum?
How Peaches Geldof brought Greek tragedy into the tabloids


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